We are a dynamic theory group that usually consists of a few PhD students and a few postdocs. In addition, we supervise occasional MSc students and host at least one summer intern each year.

Our goal is to better understand physics, which is best achieved through collaboration of people with different backgrounds. Some of us come from traditional AMO physics, some have hard condensed-matter background, some are numerics junkies and some are fond of analytic derivations. Some are fascinated by abstract mathematical structures and some prefer daily contact to experimentalists. We constantly discuss, brainstorm, and exchange ideas in order to find solutions that provide the deepest possible understanding of the underlying physics in a given problem.

If you are interested in joining our team, check out the Open Positions page

Up-to-date information on the group can be found on IST Research Explorer

Group Leader

Prof. Dr. Mikhail Lemeshko

PhD students

Igor Cherepanov

Volker Karle

Mikhail Maslov


Dr. Alberto Cappellaro

Dr. Areg Ghazaryan

Dr. Georgios Koutentakis

Dr. Ekaterina Pärschke

Dr. Fumika Suzuki

Dr. Artem Volosniev

Former group members

The list of former group members can be found on the Alumni page