Open positions

We are continuously looking for highly motivated people interested in theoretical atomic, condensed matter, and chemical physics.

  • Ph.D. students. IST graduate school is largely modelled after that of the U.S. universities. Students are admitted once a year through a general process and affiliate with a particular professor officially only by the end of the first year of studies. If you are interested in doing a Ph.D. in our group, please submit all your documents via the official form, however, do not hesitate to contact Prof. Lemeshko first.
  • Interns. IST offers a great internship program called “ISTernship.” Every summer our group hosts one or two exceptional interns involving them into serious theoretical physics projects. If it sounds like the summer of your dreams — please go ahead and apply!
  • Postdocs. We are looking for outstanding postdoctoral candidates, from whom we expect a high degree of independence and an ability to supervise Ph.D. students and interns. Please send your CV, publications list, and contacts of 3 references to Prof. Lemeshko directly.