Research articles

We have spent several years desperately trying to keep an up-to-date list of all our papers on this webpage. It’s hard, however, to compete with the modern technology:

  • You can find an automatically updated list of all our published papers on the IST Research Explorer page. This includes Ph.D. Theses as well as independent papers of the Lemeshko group members. You can browse though the works of each group member or alumna/alumnus, as well as download preprints free of charge.

Reviews and perspectives

Book chapters

Popular articles

  • Ariel Amir, Mikhail Lemeshko, Tadashi Tokieda
    Surprises in numerical expressions of physical constants
    American Mathematical Monthly 123, 609 (2016);  arXiv:1603.00299

  • M. Lemeshko, B. Friedrich
    Quantum Zeno effect,
    Chem. Listy. 102, 880 (2008) (in Czech), arXiv: 0903.4560